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Otakon in Baltimore Maryland was freaking amazing. Regardless of how much money I had wast- er.. spent. I had a blast!!! First off, there were no trolls, but there was a troll-face guy, but that didn't make him a troll. It was just cosplay :3 Second off, during the daytime its family friendly, but hentai is still out- just covered with paper and stickies. At night it's 18+, so we could enjoy the day without worrying about age problems. Third off, SO MANY COSPLAYERS!!! It was like a home away from home ;u;

Things to know-
Dealers Room- Here you buy toys, anywhere from swords and airsoft rifles to cosplay and manga. You CAN'T NOT find what you're looking for! Even TomSka (asdf movie series) was in there selling shirts!
Artist's Room- Where comic book artists can meet fangirls and fanboys and vice versa. So much art… my goodness! *diez*
Any hentai or adult rated content- During the day it is either put away or covered up with stickie notes or paper. There was this one booth though that had hundreds of hentai DVDs covered by a plastic see-thru tarp on their table. (one cover had a girl grabbing her boobs and freaking out as milk spewed everywhere. Really japan? -.-' ) At night security would keep underagers out of certain halls where pron artists and adult events happened. I couldn't go to any of that even though I know how the human body operates.

Here's my experience in a nutshell...
Friday: could not sleep so I stayed up all night meaning NO sleep in the past 24 hours kinda stay up. Was dressed up in fursuit partial and picked up after standing on roadside for 5 minutes. Rode for 1 hour in a 5 seat full Toyota RAV watching Excel Saga then finally arrived to luckily find a cheaply priced parking garage 3 blocks down from the center. Got to the place and stood outside in 90+ degree heat in direct sunlight for 3 hours while waiting to register. Finally got to the front and learned my II (Second) in my name turned into a li (Lee) so that caused some confusion. After Conner, Alex, Zack, Albriana and I got in we went straight to the Dealers room at about 2PMish and walked around there. Needless to say we were beat dead by three, so we took a lot of walking breaks. The guys had bought things then said "I can't buy anything else" then bought more stuff. Thank you for banks and ATMs :D . Day one, I bought a 90 dollar air-soft rifle with a red dot scope. That brings up something real quick, 3 vendors sold Air-soft weapons. 2 of them had a few guns and you had to be 18+ to purchase/hold one. The 3rd didn't give a damn and gave anyone with money one. They all did remove any ammo out of the boxes though which I can respect. Here's the bit that made me laugh. Anyone of any age could bring in any gun they wanted as long as it was unloaded and had an orange tip on the barrel, so why have the 18+ vendors? Afterword's we left at 4:15pm and ate at 5-guys in the mall 2 blocks down. They can make a mean burger. At 5 we left and Alex got sick on the car ride home, so we took him to his place. We kept him talking and laughing though because that helped him forget he was sick. He was fine by morning.

Saturday/ Best day ever!: Woke up at 8, left at 9:30, arrived at 11. Did same thing as before, only Albriana stayed at her house (there's a backstory for that. I will post further down). We get there and were admitted in right away. NO lines at all. Just people inside the hall. We went downstairs again and while there I had purchased custom-made arm warmers form the PawStar vendor (LOVE their products) and they happen to make their things on sight with a 20 min wait time. Needless to say they are perfect. A few bits o' fur fall off within the first use, but those are the ones that cannot stay on. I love em ^U^ . After running around until 2 in the same building we went and ate at 5guys again. When we came back I got a call from Hanna, another friend at the con and here on FA/DA, and she asked if I went to the fur meet at 1. "There was a fur meet!?" O^O .Now it was an unofficial Otakon event so no wonder I had no clue about it. Curses ;w; After that we went up to the 3rd floor to go back down to the dealers room and we saw a line going into the room with a 1 hour wait with retractable ropes and everything. At the same time Hanna was passing by in order to get a commission she had ordered, and so she waited in the line. We said a quick Hi and she invited us to the Marvel meet just outside of the building (which I missed when I got sidetracked). After we met up we then split and either went down to the video-game hall or took photos of other cosplayers (mind failing... need cookie =3= ) but after that we met up at the movie room at 6:15 to watch a japanese film called Let the Bullets Fly. There was an adventure time cosplayer right in front of me and a tall guy 3 rows up to the left positioned so perfectly that for most of the movie I could not read the subtitles, but from what little I could see or make out, it was HISTARICAL!!! You ever see a train flip then fly upside-down backwards from hitting 2 axes in the rails? I did :D my fav part had to be when the guy was riding the trail in a panic to find his wife and the one bandit said "To the east! To the east" (awkward quiet as the rider keeps riding, and then bandit freaks out) "NOT EAST, NOT EAST!!!" *Landmine blows the rider to pieces* Look into it. It is awesome. We didn't let out til after 8, so then we went down to the video game hall and played video games until 9, then split up. I was with Alex while Conner and Zack went to a rave party. We got tired of what the selection was so we played with his Vita he brought along. So much random stuff like a pen rifle and a strange cat thing excited to eat the last cookie. We then packed up and left at 11. Got home at 12:30 then learned TOONAMI EXISTED!!! So we watched that till 2 AM, and then slept like logs.

Sunday: Sad day, D-Day, end day end of our fun. We got up at 9, and I lost my voice from mucus draining into my throat, so until 10ish I sounded like an elderly man. We got to the con and Conner and Alex split for the Hilton for a screen showing. Inside the main building half the people count from yesterday was there, and it seemed the costumes always changed. First thing zack and I did was go up to the 3rd floor, and we don't even get to turn the corner for the escalator to go to the 2nd floor to find A HUGE LINE for the Showroom. It was just as big, possibly a little smaller, than the line to get in on day one. We refused to join, so we went down to the video gaming room and played Gears of war, halo and blur til 12. After that we wandered around for a little while on levels 2 and 3, then visited artist alley which was half empty and full of table everywhere. Sooo much anime art! X3 I now have two more webcomix I am checking out (3-5 total of you count mangas I like the titles to) and a new shirt to wear. It is a "Furry Anonymous" shirt. Don't ask, don't tell. I got it because it was the only shirt there that directly referenced furries and when you game or join random chat rooms like a nerd like me you are technically anonymous. After gathering some info and getting a lot of eye candy our group had regrouped in front of the gaming hall, and seem how everything was closing up and the final ceremony was over we went over to 5Guys one last time and ate burgers! What a great way to end. We then drove home and exchanged the 299 photos taken.

To make things simple, Otakon was the best thing I've ever gone to. The only real things that bummed me out were the day one line and missing the fur meet ;-; I did still get to see and meet a few furries that were wandering about, in and out of costume. Good times

Well it is now 12ish AM and I'm gonna sleep. Goodnight DA/FA/Internet! And remember, Lord llpalazo is watching ouo

Things to do next time:
Try the LARPing
Learn more about anime to actually understand my environment
Know about unofficial events like fur meets.
More water
More cash o-o No seriously, I owe zack 25 bucks for gas and I never even bought a mask, or any books
See 18+ content because I will be 18
Schedule a hotel MONTHS in advance. In May they are booked full.
Stay from opening to closing times.
More cosplay gear.
Mind control ray gun. (?)
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Just a quick note, it's Brianna, not Albriana.

And yes, Lord llpalazo WILL RULL US ALL!! :boogie:
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