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Concept a Week 06 - Merchant Bird by Spottedfire-cat

I'm gonna be quick as a bird on this one (pun pun pun) Vision / Originality: Personally, I have never seen a bird merchant before, let ...

Concept a Week 01-Lumbricina by Spottedfire-cat

Vision: I am just not sure where this would be set at or what it has going for it. Is it a desert-dweller sand worm? A forest ground ho...


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Charles Shade II
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I discovered and joined the furry fandom in 2010. I started using art websites some time later. Since then I've been big on drawing furry artwork both digitally and traditionally. I mostly do digital stuff now since there are so many more benefits such as unlimited colors, stabilizer, changing formats and so on. When I'm not furrying it up, I'm working on models for simulation or playing video games. Checking FA has become a habit, so I'm on pretty often aside from my random "several day away" fests where I stay off of FA for a while.

Tekky Buru Takota, Grey wolf wishing he was a jackal in a fairly calm world wishing it was an empty wasteland, like Pennsylvania during the winter time.

Cons I have been to:
Otakon 2012 (cosplay with ears, tail and badge on day one, then arm warmers on day two, then with rifle on day 3)
Megaplex 2014 (cosplay in boots, pants, t-shirt, collar, arm warmers, ears hat, and tail.)

My hardware:
Homebuilt PC
Waccom Cintiq 12WX

My software:
Paint Tool SAI
Adobe Creative Suite
Autodesk Maya

Why? by Scarydestiny
Hello folks. It is time for an update!

To start off, what have I been up to? A lot. I've been spending my days working at FedEx since mid-November on a full-time schedule with only Wednesdays off. Combine this with the 1 hour commute and that had left me with about two hours a day to myself. During these two hours I would spend my time eating, watching a show or two, working on freelance work, then going to bed. Not the most exciting life, but it paid the bills.

As of now I am back to a part-time schedule and from what I understand our last day is either today or Monday unless we hear otherwise from the managers. Either way I look at it I need to look at getting work elsewhere. I do have a lead on a 3-D modelers position down the road and I am hoping this goes somewhere.

As for my "other job" things are smoothly going along. I'm still working on vehicles, and my most recent assignment has a sketch as reference. As silly as it may be, I love this because I feel like I have a lot of freedom with this task. There is now a financial department and plans on getting revenue are being made. That'll make me rest easier at night knowing I'm getting paid for my services. The question is when?

Game talk, here we go. Steam Winter Sales went on by and nothing interested me enough to make me drop money on it aside from Portal 2. I was also gifted Dying Light and Spintires. I have had all 3 already, but it feels great to have them again, so this year was more of a throwback sale for me.

And now for the miscellaneous talk. Wendy's combos dropped in price. Love it. Criminal Minds is a really good show. I recommend it to anyone looking to was an investigation series that pries into the minds of the bad guys. I got 9 days off of work for Christmas and New Years because our hub was completely caught up. I spent that time working on fixing my resume, getting sleep, and binging Criminal Minds. Got a new Keyboard and Mouse, and oh my lord I can never go back to my old equipment after this. Blue CMStorm if interested.

Stuff in Progress-
2D Art:
Concept work of a soldier jumping over a dead tree in a frozen forest.
Vice City/Miami-Esque party boat. Thanks GTA Online.

3D Art:
Working on freelance. NDA says I can't post it.

That's the condensed version of the past 3 months. Nothing exciting has happened aside from this new keyboard and mouse and the possible job lead. Right now the theme is work.

-Tekky out.

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