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Concept a Week 06 - Merchant Bird by Spottedfire-cat

I'm gonna be quick as a bird on this one (pun pun pun) Vision / Originality: Personally, I have never seen a bird merchant before, let ...

Concept a Week 01-Lumbricina by Spottedfire-cat

Vision: I am just not sure where this would be set at or what it has going for it. Is it a desert-dweller sand worm? A forest ground ho...


TekkyTheWolf's Profile Picture
Charles Shade II
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a furry/anthro artist and a vehicle modeler.
My fursona is Tekky Buru Takota
I live in Florida, currently enrolled in college.
My favorite color is blue.

My hardware:

Homebuilt PC "Yiffbox 2.0"
Dell Inspiron from 2008
Waccom Cintiq 12WX

Macbook Pro
Waccom Intuos 4

My software:

Adobe Creative Suite
Autodesk Maya

Why? by Scarydestiny

  Life: I have an exterminator coming this Friday to steam bath the apartment. The only downside is my daytime sleeping schedule is now completely shot. Over the weekend I got it flipped around so I sleep during the night now and am up all day. I don’t like this, but I don’t like bed bugs even more, so I can live with this.


  School: I have… eh 12 days left of school then I’m off to the real world to find a job. The “oh my god, what am I gonna do!?” shock factor has not set in. I’m thinking it won’t either. I’ve poked around and found some places in the area, and even if they aren’t hiring I can at least send in a notice of interest. My first poke is gonna be Adacel since my roommate works there and already tossed my name in the hat. It’s worth a shot, even though they aren’t hiring for someone of my skills I don’t think. For now, I’m working on my demo reel and just getting all my assets prettied up for any employers who come to the school.


  Games: GTA is becoming a cycle of the same thing. Log on, do missions with random strangers, meet a troll who kills everyone in sight, or disconnects during a heist, give up and log off. My car garage is nice though. I’m happy for that. On the PC side of things, I had a friend help me set up PCSX2 on my computer so I could play Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero, a game I regret trading in all those years ago. God, the memories came flooding back when I started playing that again.


  Misc: I do have an unpaid job working for Black Sand Studios now who made the Project Reality mod. Currently doing work for them, but signed NDAs so I can’t say much other than what I just said. I also got my first art commission through Steam, and got a DLC for it in exchange. It went over so smoothly. Also, when did gift cards become so hard to loose? I have a card with $3 and some odd cents on it that can’t be used anywhere because whatever I need to get needs to be covered at full price. It can’t be part card, part other payment method.


I also really like pizza lately.


Brothers in arms

A request my brother made a while ago that I decided to go ahead and fufill. I’m on the post effects right now (smoke, fire, small details, etc…) That will be posted in the next few hours or day probably. Depends if I feel like working when I get home.

Re-Render images from Finals months. They all came out less than pleasant. The house was requested to have a bent roof after our final critique. It wasn’t a bad idea. I liked it, so that will get a redone sheet. The ACR had terrible lighting. I relit it so now it is more balanced instead of what it was. The Stryker did not import normal maps as normal maps, so that just looked god-aweful. It is fixed now along with some multiply nodes on the metal maps because the gun and wheels are glazed donuts.



70s muscle car I’m doing as an after-prop during my days where I cannot work since I have files at home or are waiting on a reply. In the modeling stage.


  I’ll be uploading a few pieces of work when I get my brother’s request done. That is all for now. I hope you are all doing well.



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