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Concept a Week 01-Lumbricina by Spottedfire-cat

Vision: I am just not sure where this would be set at or what it has going for it. Is it a desert-dweller sand worm? A forest ground ho...


TekkyTheWolf's Profile Picture
Charles Shade II
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a furry/anthro artist and a vehicle modeler.
My fursona is Tekky Buru Takota
I live in Florida, currently enrolled in college.
My favorite color is blue.

My hardware:

Dell Inspiron from 2008
Waccom Cintiq 12WX

Macbook Pro
Waccom Intuos 4

My software:

Adobe Creative Suite
Autodesk Maya

Why? by Scarydestiny

Bought $700 worth of computer parts and I'm half scarred shit-less of it not working since I found out for starters my power supply was underpowered even though it wasn't mentioned anywhere on PC parts picker or Amazon that I needed a higher wattage for the video card. Returning that tomorrow and getting a 600 watt. Aside from that I got a NVidea card with SLI, but the motherboard is built for AMD's Crossfire (same concept, different name, different parts). I'm hoping though, that since there is a PCI-E and a PCIx16 slot, that SLI would work regardless. It isn't important right now though since I only have one video card.

SLI allows for multiple Video cards to be hooked up to one another for double performance. On the other hand, the motherboard comes with RAID on it which does a similar thing.

People in the motion capture industry, you have my salute. Motion capture isn't easy at all. Putting on a suit and acting in the center of 26 cameras? Easy compared to the Marker Cleanup in the computer later. Jesus I'm gonna have PTSD if I ever have to see flashing colorful balls and +s ever again.

This month Is MOtion Capture and Art Creation for Games. In MOC we are building a scene with a small assigned group to come up with characters a setting and a story in which we can rig and plot motion onto the main character. I modeled stuff and did some clean up on a flower's tracking data.

In ACG everyone is making a video game level for Unreal Tournament. IT. IS. FUN. Our limit is it has to be a ruined temple. The process is, make a low res version of the floor, wall, pillar, trim and roof, block it out in the Unreal Development Kit, take the low res into Zbrush Sculpting, put cracks and damage onto it, bring it back into maya, bake the high res data onto the low res, paint it, adjust reflections and things, bring it back into UDK, and network it all together. I love it so much.


Ref sheets for all my characters
Just an idea as of now. I at least need one of Tekky.

Trade with   renamonguyisfurreh
Planning stages.

Anthro Wolf
Going back to draw out a front top and side shot to get a better idea on how to make him.

Armored Ambulance
Outside and moving parts are done.

Fat Badger
New armored MRAP I came up with and worked like a mother on this past week. Done. Adding little details.


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