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Concept a Week 01-Lumbricina by Spottedfire-cat

Vision: I am just not sure where this would be set at or what it has going for it. Is it a desert-dweller sand worm? A forest ground ho...


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Charles Shade II
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a furry/anthro artist and a vehicle modeler.
My fursona is Tekky Buru Takota
I live in Florida, currently enrolled in college.
My favorite color is blue.

My hardware:

Homebuilt PC "Yiffbox 2.0"
Dell Inspiron from 2008
Waccom Cintiq 12WX

Macbook Pro
Waccom Intuos 4

My software:

Adobe Creative Suite
Autodesk Maya

Why? by Scarydestiny



Haven't made one of these in forever, so here we go.

Personal Life:

  Well it has been a while since I made one of these so I’ll go ahead and fill everyone in on the few events that have been keeping me busy. For starters I’ve been watching Youtube videos of first responders and accidents pretty much every day now, have gained an emergency vehicle fetish and it is even carrying on over into my work now.

  I made meatballs too. They were delicious, but my crock-pot needs cleaned double time now.

  When I’m not watching these videos, I’m indulging in a healthy serving of Markiplier’s scary games playlists. I have knocked a glass of water on an outlet, flung food onto the touchpad of my mac, and dropped food on the floor thanks to jump scares. Worth it. I also started watching the Anime No Game No Life thanks to a few friends of mine and my roommate recommending it, AND I have already seen the first few episodes thanks to, you know who you are, a friend who I visited for a nice evening of arts and crafts.


School Life:

  This month has shown me that if you have extra days off, it means you will be working your ass off on your free time. Our class is in teams of 3 and the task at hand is to build a map from nothing. Using Maya 2014, Xnormals, Crazybump, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Photoshop and anything else we can get our hands on we are porting 3-D models and textures into Unreal 3 and setting them up in a playable state. We are now in Beta stage. By next Thursday the month will be over at 5PM, and the rest of the night will be play testing everyone’s levels.

  On the bright side this gives us all plenty of off days including a week off at the end of the month, or so it seems until we get next month’s schedules. Only downside to this month is I have not been able to work in class thanks to the lack of power outlets. It is a weird classroom that feels like a closet, but the giant windows are nice.



  I got Prison Architect I am a bad, bad, bad warden. My main hallway is now nick-named death row and even though 4 in-game days have passed, I still have dead bodies scattered all over the prison and a conga line of hearses waiting to pick them all up. I had a 54 death streak in a full day riot that just started out of nowhere.

  Trying to keep everything together I made a max-sec section of prison, a min sec, solitary section and normal section. Min sec loves to tunnel to freedom sadly. I might need to build an electric chair room. Oh and I never have enough cells to deal with them all. I’m always cramming them into a holding cell.

  Moral of the story, never trust me to run anything in a tycoon game.


  Eh, aside from that I’ve just been playing GTA and BF4 on the xbox. The CTE patch was a super nice thing for BF4. I am SO FRUPPING HAPPY that you can change the UI now! It is BS that you couldn’t see down small hallways because a flag icon would be blocking your view when a guy is standing in plain sight, has time to reload, then shoot you because the flag icon from across the map was blocking him. Now, the icons disappear when you aim down sights, or you can turn them off all together! We needed this since BF3! In GTA I have made it a habit to get a jet and just shoot down police choppers in Online. Maneuvering has become second nature to me now. I need to stop playing it.


Works in progress:


Video game level.

Due at the end of Thursday next week.


Old Fancy:

Doing little details here and there.


Various other models:

Garage, Fire truck, cop car, pickup truck, semi truck, a tank, and a bulldozer-bucket of props.



LOST. Inspired by Far Cry 3.

Fine details



  Lastly, I have made a personal rival with someone I want to be better than in terms of 3-D. I know him as an acquaintance at school and I know nobody I know knows this guy, which makes it easier on me. All I will say is this guy’s work is decent, and he has already been flown across the world to come to the school I’m at, visited game companies and has the attention of a few YouTube folks I look up to, all because he Twitch broadcasted an unreleased game in his home country, and got thousands of viewers because another famous YouTuber popped in and the crowd followed.

  This guy is who I want to be, and I need to start working my ass off because I have only one class this month. I know this guy has two, but he is pushing out some high quality work at the same time. Hell, even just being noticed and just becoming networked together would be enough for me.


  I know what I’m doing and I know what I need to do. I just need to put two and two together and stop spinning my wheels. It ends today.


-Tekky out




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